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The number of cats and new cat parents is increasing and the cat is today looked upon as a loved and cherished family member. It is time to raise feline knowledge! 

This international half day meeting will give you the latest news about feline hypertension - from a scientific as well as practical perspective. You will be presented with the intriguing story behind 25 years of pheromone research
and an introduction to the very latest pheromone discovery. 

Katt siluett ljus

Further on we will discuss the opportunities and trends for tomorrow's Cat Friendly Clinics and get interesting reflections from a cat behaviourist: "How did our cats cope during the pandemic?" 

High Profile Digital Event

The event will be held as a livestreamed meeting and our ambition is to give you the latest knowledge on topics presented and discussed with top cat specialists as Dr Andy Sparkes, Prof Patrick Pageat, Dr Nathalie Dowgray and Cat Behaviourist Susanne Hellman Holmström. 

The online format allows us to think big! On top of the keynote speakers there will also be hands on tips for your everyday work at the clinic and inspiring discussions with fellow vets and nurses from around Europe. If you can not join the livestream on the 25th we will provide all registered participants with links to recorded sessions of the meeting.

Qualify for 4 hours of CPD.

Moderator Trine welcomes you to Ceva Cat Expertise


For whom?
Ceva Cat Expertise is an international meeting, designed for your whole team; both vets and nurses. See this event as a great opportunity to build the optimal Cattitude Team to meet the needs of your feline patients.


Tuesday – May 25th, 2021
1 to 5 PM (CET)


This is a digital meeting that will be livestreamed! 
Details of how to join the livestream will be sent to you 1 day before the meeting takes place. To get the best streaming experience, make sure your wifi-connection is good.

Does it cost anything?

No. Ceva invites you and your colleagues at the clinic for free to this digital meeting. 

Can I account for CPD?
Yes! When participating in the meeting you achieve 4 hours of valuable CPD points. A signed certificete will validate your participation.

Can I see it more than once? 
This livestreamed meeting will be produced with the help of an engaging moderator talking to several cat specialists and it will most certainly be an inspiring afternoon but don´t worry... If you can not join the livestream on the 25th we will provide all registered participants with links to recorded sessions that will be available until September 1st, 2021.

Will I get any material after the meeting?
Yes, we will share (digitally) relevant material and Take Home Messages from the speakers after the meeting. You will also receive a diploma of participation.

What do I need to do?
Register now! We will keep you updated via email.

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Welcome and introduction

Moderator Trine  Grönlund
Lisa Pontoppidan and Berengere Larhantec, Ceva Animal Health

Mercury Challenge - the largest study on feline hypertension

Keynote speaker: Dr Andy Sparkes

Get the latest news from Mercury Challenge,
the largest international study on feline hypertension,
with more than 10 200 cats - of great value for cats,
cat owners and vet clinics.


Opportunities and trends for tomorrow - Cat Friendly Clinic

Dr Nathalie Dowgray


25 years of pheromone research

Keynote speaker: Prof Patrick Pageat 

Be inspired by “The story of 25 years of pheromone research” and the science behind the new pheromone discovery - FELIWAY Optimum.


Pandemic reflections - How did our cats cope?

Cat Behaviourist Susanne Hellman Holmström

Round Table Discussion

All speakers are invited to a discussion about how to raise focus on cats
Interaction with participants and speakers

Thank you for your participation

Let us continue the conversation!

Greetings from our
keynote speakers


Dr Andy Sparkes
Feline Medicine Specialist

Mercury Challenge - The largest international hypertension study

Everyone recognises the importance of managing hypertension when it is diagnosed to help prevent serious morbidity and even prevent mortality in affected cats. However, despite recognising the importance of this disease, few clinics are proactive in screening cats at risk of hypertension and thus diagnosing and intervening at an early stage before significant morbidity occurs. Using data collected from the Ceva Mercury Challenge (a pan-European survey of blood pressure measurement in more than 10,000 cats) we will look at how this situation can be improved and look at solutions to common obstacles to routine blood pressure measurement.

Dr Andy Sparkes

Dr Andy Sparkes is the founding and current co-editor of the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. He is a diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, a member of the Feline Chapter of the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, has authored numerous scientific publications and book chapters in the filed of feline medicine and is an independent consultant.

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Prof Patrick Pageat
President of IRSEA Group

25 years of pheromone research

25 years ago, FELIWAY (now FELIWAY Classic) was launched in Europe, by Ceva. It was the first time humans were using a mammalian synthetic pheromone to manage behaviour problems. It was also the first step of a long journey, leading to identify and synthesize pheromones from vertebrate species.

Creating “pheromone therapy”, we opened a new door and began to make an incredible dream possible: speaking the primal language of animals. The pheromone language, chemical communication, is the first language that every living creature on the earth is speaking.

We humans tend to associate “chemical” with “toxic” but life is chemistry! A sophisticated and balanced chemistry, leading to a continuous release of small molecules that carry interesting and precious information: what I call “ChemoNet”. The first part of our journey has been to copy and repeat the messages, like parrots. More recently, we have been learning the grammar of cats’ chemical language, allowing us to communicate better. This is the origin of the 3rd generation of pheromone products, a new era opened with FELIWAY Optimum. This is this story we will share together on May 25th!

Prof Patrick Pageat

Doctor in Vet Medicine (Lyon, 1983), Master of Science in Biology and Physiology of Insects (Paris VI, Paris XI, 1985), PhD in1991 (Paris VI), Founding Diplomat of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (ECAWBM) (2001), Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR, Toulouse 2012). Co-founder of the European Society for Veterinary Clinical Ethology (ESVCE). Past-president of the ECAWBM and Chairman of the Exam Committee.

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Dr Nathalie Dowgray
Head of ISFM

Opportunities and trends for tomorrow - How to maintain a high standard of Cat friendly Clinics?

Cat Friendly Clinic is having its 10 year anniversary in 2022, Nathalie will reflect on the impact that it has had to date and the behaviour change that is still required be become truly Cat Friendly, as a clinic and an individual. At the end of the session attendees will understand what the next stage of your cat friendly journey will be.

Dr Nathalie Dowgray

Nathalie is the head of ISFM and has over 10 years’ experience working in feline practice. She is an RCVS advanced practitioner in feline medicine and had just completed a PhD in feline ageing at the University of Liverpool.

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Susanne Hellman Holmström
Cat Behaviourist, ISFM AdvCertFB

Reflections from the pandemic - How did our cats cope?

The pandemic shocked most of us but how did it affect our cats? Did our cats change their behaviour when their owner suddenly worked from the kitchen table and spent all their time at home? Has this pandemic year brought us closer to our cats or not? Susanne reflects about this very challenging time and brings to us the cat owners’ perspective and her thoughts on the most common cat problems during 2020.

Susanne Hellman Holmström

Cat behaviorist Susanne Hellman Holmström has over the years helped thousands of cats to be understood by their cat owner. She lectures, writes books and educates professionals about cat behavior. As a frequent guest on both TV- and radio programs, she has become "Katt-Susanne" with the entire Swedish population. 

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Trine Grönlund
Moderator and energizer


Trine is a highly acknowledged energizer whom we've had the pleasure of working with at several other Ceva events. She has moderated and lectured at various venues around the world and is sure to lead us through our day with her usual great energy and professionalism.

Trine Grönlund

Her busy career includes years of working experience across Europe and 12 long years within the IT business in New York. Today, she is the successful founder of Innergi – an online gym for mental fitness aimed to contribute to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, by raising awareness about mental and emotional wellbeing amongst high achieving companies and individuals.

Read more: Trine's website ingergi.se

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